The Cranbury Public Library looks forward to helping to provide awareness, information and resources on autism and other spectrum issues. While our library is limited by our small physical space, we hope that we will be able to contribute and partner with our other grant participants in providing access to a variety of program and information for our the larger community which our libraries serve.


Goals and Objectives



Intended Uses for Grant Funding 



Current Activity


In regards to programming we have decided to focus on the topic of adults with autism. 


Jan-Feb 2008

Currently we are reaching out to the resources within our local community in order to solicit ideas and feedback for the types of speakers or programs they would be interested in. We are hoping to be able to start considering possible placement of programming in the coming months. We will also be soon working on our book display for April for Autism Awareness.


March 2009 : Have sent emails to the following places/persons to see if they might be interested in going a lecture/talk/presentation on the topic of autism. If any are itnerested, I will get as much detail as I can and provide it here for all to access:


  1. Eden Institute (
  2. Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center (
  3. Doctor and Author, Dr. Jed Baker ( He has written several books on behavior, as well as , "Preparing for Life - The Complete Guide to Transitioning to Adulthood for those with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome". He has also appeared on Nightline and ABC World News Tonight.


April 2009


May 2009


July - August 2009

Continuing our focus on providing adult autism and spectrum programming we have schedule the following events for July and August. All programs are taking place offsite at JAMBA

  1. Boundary Issues and Personal Health :  a discussion presented by Bill Tavernear (Director of Family Services at Planned Parenthood in Morristown, NJ)
  2. The Art of Making Conversation for Autistic Adults - presented by Tania Pierce, a private corporate trainin consultant. (this is a five week series)
  3. Fun with Music! - presented by The Academy of Music on Main Street (The program will provide instruction and experimentation with instruments, as well as sing-alongs and "jam" sessions) (this is a five week series)


Please see the following flyer for details regarding dates and times 


Our Autism Book/Video Display






Some attendees at our creative writing and music workshop for adults