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Monroe Township

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The Goals of the Monroe Township Library with the contract funds are:

·         to change the autism awareness of library staff members and the library community.

·         to provide resources and programming for the autism community and their families and caregivers.

·         to improve the social skills of autism children by providing them a chance to interact with other people.

·         to give support to parents, siblings and caregivers of autistic children.



Date Program
March 11, 2009 Yosi for Children with ASD
April 2009 Autism resources diplayed @ the MTPL
April 17, 2009 Autism Staff Training w/ Val Demiri from Rutgers University
April 22, 2009

Autism Awareness Month Book Discussion for grades 5+

Rules by Cynthia Lord

April 2009 Teen volunteers have created a "This Is Your Library" book to be sent to Monroe Township Special Education classes.
May 18, 2009 First Yoga for Children with ASD with Nicole Calvano
May 2009 Portion of our Summer Reading Club will be set up for children with ASD
May 20, 2009 Our partner, the Academy Learning Center will be visiting to do a special storytime for their ASD class.
June 2009 A follow up to our Autism Training will be held at a staff in-service









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