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Programs in South Brunswick

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South Brunswick


Storytime Theme Kits


South Brunswick Public Library “Welcoming Library Spaces for the Autism Community & their Families” Contract:


Staff Training Worshops:


First Staff Training Session:  January 9th Friday 10:15am – 11:30am

We are going to show the staff training video produced by Scotch Plains Public Library to raise awareness of issues related to the autism community and improve customer service interactions for library staff. Some of our staff members and hopefully special ed teachers from the township schools (if they are available) will be invited to talk about their experience in how to interact with the autism community.


Second Staff Training Session: March 13th Friday 10:30am -- 11:45am

 Yolanda Toole, the Manager of Family Support from Southern New Jersey Regional Early Intervention Collaborative came to the library to do a very informative staff training session on autism awareness for our staff and staff from other libraries in the contract. Shakira Linzey, the Regional Family Support Manager of Mid Jersey CARES Regional Early Intervention Collaborative was also at the workshop introducing services available in her organization for children affected by autism.




Programs in South Brunswick for the Autism Community and their Families:

See Calendar of Events


Parenting Programs:


Promoting Social Skills with Autism Spectrum Disorder: June 6th 11am-12:30pm

Presented by Amy Golden, Parent Services Coordinator of Autism New Jersey

The program was very well attended with 30 participants. Participants came from different parts of New Jersey and some came from as far as Brooklyn, New York.  A 5-week Parent Series that focuses on teaching a behavioral approach to parenting for families of children with autism is pending for Spring 2010 at the library.


Coping Skills for Parenting with Children affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder: July 25th 2pm-3pm

Presented by Minu Poulose, certified school psychologist of NAMINJ


The program needed to be rescheduled due to an emergency situation.


The Next Steps: After Your child has been Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: August 8th 2pm-3:30pm 

Presented by Amy Perrine of Autism New Jersey


We are going to have a sibling program in November 2009. There is a possiblity of setting up a parent support group and a sibling support group at the library. More parenting programs are pending in 2010.


Therapy Dog Programs - Starting on January 20th 2009


Read to Cooper, the Teacher's Pet

Cooper is a nin-year-old golden retriever eager to listen to beginner readers with challenges including autism spectrum disorder. Reading to Cooper can help anyone that has difficulty reading to gain confidence and build their literacy skills!


Cooper is not feeling well after June 23rd. Her owner asked to have Cooper's program suspended until after summer when the weather is cooler.


Read to a Therapy Dog -

We have two therapy dogs, Lillie and Spike, until June when Spike quit the program. We are now looking for another therapy dog to satisfy the need.


Success Story


Veeral has been coming to the “Read to Cooper” program every week since January. His mom told me that his reading skills have improved dramatically over the past few months. Veeral used to only read “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Suess. After he started coming to “Read to Cooper” program, he seems to have found a purpose in improving his reading skills. Every week, Veeral finds books and prepares his reading before he comes to read to Cooper. Besides improvement in fluency, Veeral also reads a variety of books, though his favorite is still “The Cat in the Hat”.



Yoga Programs - Starting in February 2009

We have the Yoga for Kids program twice every month since February 2009. It is taught by Yoga for Kids instructor, Kate Guelph, who has training on how to work with children with special needs.


We will continue our yoga program twice every month on Sundays in the Fall.


Autism Awareness Promotions:


Autism Awareness Poster Contest – March 23rd to April 13th 2009.  Collaborative Program with V.S.A. Arts of New Jersey

Poster contest for school-age children grades K – 12. Participants made their posters at home and brought them to the library. Posters must reflect the autism awareness theme. Entries were judged in four groups: grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Three judges from V.S.A. Arts of New Jersey came on April 17th to select the winners of the contest.


Autism Awareness Posters - April 16th 2009 onwards




Autism Awareness Poster Contest Winners





The More We Get Together Storytime – April 23rd 2009 Thursday 11am. Collaborative program with Mid Jersey CARES Regional Early Intervention Collaborative.

"The more we get together, the happier we'll be."

An integrated storytime for ages 0 to 3. Amy Piano, Family Support Coordinator of Mid-Jersey CARES Early Intervention Collaborative will give out information flyers and brochures on autism awareness and answer questions from parents and caregivers.

The program was very well attended with 31 children of different abilities and 22 parents/caregivers.



We are going to have a monthly "The More We Get Together Storytime" starting in the October 2009.


Library Summer Fun Festival - July 11th 2009 Saturday 12N to 4pm at Reichler Park.

Organizations that work with the autism community are invited to join our Library Summer Fun Festival, a family event with games, craft stations, performance, and informational booths from various organizations and township departments. This is the fifth year we are organizing this event and its popularity grows each year. Last summer, there were nearly 1000 people enjoying this special occasion where everything is free.


This year there were 1200 participants in the park. We have 18 organizations joining us there, including organizations that work with the autism community, and, at least 5 of our Trustees came by as well as a surprise visit from Congressman Rush Holt. Our Mayor and 2 other town Councilmen were present as well.  





Autism Awareness Displays in April - Autism Awareness Month:


Books and Booklists



 Wall Display - April 1st 2009 to April 15th 2009



Autism Information Center



Autism Awareness Poster Display - See Autism Awareness Posters



Craft Programs - Starting in June 2009

Some of our craft programs are conducted by craft instructor Pat Dhal, who runs craft programs for children with special needs in our township recreation department.



We will continue to have a monthly craft program for the ASD community and their families.


The More We Get Together Family Concert with Spook Handy - June 29th 2009

"The more we get together, the happier we'll be."

The concert by Spook Handy was an intergrated program for children with all abilities. Spook Handy designed this program specifically to suit the audience.



Game Programs - Starting in July 2009

The stacking game is used to improve hand eye coordination and develop bilateral proficiency equal performance on both sides of the body. Sequencing and patterning are also elements of sport stacking, which can help with reading and math skills. The game supplies contain a training DVD on how to do the various form of stacking. We also have teen volunteers who are stacking game experts.



We will continue to have a monthly game program for the ASD community and their families.


Summer Reading Program - June 22nd 2009 to August 16th 2009


School Visits

We visited all our township elementary schools including special ed classrooms. We were also invited to visit the special ed class in our middle school to promote Summer Reading Program.


Summer Reading Program

We modfied our Summer Reading Program to emcompass children with all abilities.


Program Promotions

We used several methods to promote our programs:

  • Program flyers were sent home via the school system's electronic folder
  • Program flyers sent to special ed teachers via email
  • Program flyers sent to all preschools in the township
  • Program flyers sent to Township Recreation Department and Health Department
  • Introduce the variety of programs we have to parents/caregivers who show interest
  • Introduce other available programs at the end of each program
  • Have a variety of program flyers and signup sheets available in every program




South Brunswick



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