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South Brunswick

Page history last edited by Susanna Chan 14 years, 2 months ago

Programs in South Brunswick


Storytime Theme Kits


South Brunswick Public Library “Welcoming Library Spaces for the Autism Community & their Families” Contract:



  • To promote autism awareness of library staff members and the public.

  • To connect the library with the autism community and their families.

  • To provide support to families with children affected by autism spectrum disorder.

  • To offer programs and resources for the autism community and their families.


Targeted Audience:

School age children affected by autism spectrum disorder


Team Spectrum: 

South Brunswick Public Library set up a team to handle the "Welcoming Library Spaces for the Autism Community & Families" Project .



Team Spectrum members:


Susanna Chan, Head of Children's Services



Rosemary Gohd, Marketing/Publicity 

Sharon Hyde, Special Ed Teacher 

Chris Jones, Special Ed Teacher 



Robin Anne Kimmey, Special Ed Teacher 

Randy Marsola, Network Librarian 

Mary Myszka, Technical Services 



Judy Pietrobono, Head of Circulation Department

Viji Savithri, Graphic Designer 

Jen Williams, Children’s Librarian 





 Time Line:




By the end of December 2008

Autism Resources Webpage up

December 08 to January 2009

Program planning

February 2009 to March 2009

Staff training on autism awareness

April 2009 (Autism Awareness Month)

Promote autism awareness to public

May 2009 to August 2009

Programs for the autism community and their families tie-in with Summer Reading Program


Project Summary:


Programs in South Brunswick


Program and Expenditure Summary:  


Program Summary (January to August)


Program How Many Total Attendance Note
Staff Training Workshop 2 58 1/9 and 3/13
Read to Cooper, the Teacher’s pet 23



Every Tuesday from 1/20 to 6/23
Read to a Therapy Dog 14



1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 2nd Thursdays of each month from February to May; 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from June to August
Yoga for Kids 11



1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from February to the end of July
Parenting Workshop 2 33 6/6, 7/25 (need to be rescheduled), 8/8



Creative Art 3



6/18, 6/25, 7/2
Integrated Storytime 1



Autism Awareness Poster Contest 1 children=16 3/23-4/13
Summer Reading Program     6/22 to 8/16 (8 weeks)
Summer Fun Festival 1



Craft Programs 2

adult= 5

children= 8

7/23, 8/20

Game Programs

adult= 5


7/9, 8/6
School Visits     first 2 weeks of June 09; SRP presentation; eight K-5 elementary schools (10 school buildings) and 1 middle school special ed class


Total programs scheduled = 63 (school visits and summer reading program not included)


Total Participants:

adult=276+500(Summer Fun Festival)

children= 311+700 (Summer Fun Festival)


South Brunswick is going to continue serving the autism community and their families with a variety of programs after the contract. This includes:


  • Monthly storytime - with storytime theme kits (purchased and prepared by participating libraries for the Year 2 contract)
  • Monthly craft program - with Ellison dies purchased with Year 2 contract funds and also programming funds from the Friends of the South Brunswick Public Library
  • Monthly stacking game program - with stacking game materials purchased with Year 2 contract funds
  • Bimonthly Yoga for Kids program - supported by the Friends of the South Brunswick Public Library
  • Therapy dog program - with therapy dogs and their owners
  • Parenting and sibling programs - with organizations working with the autism community
  • Summer Reading Program and School visits - supported by the Friends of the South Brunswick Public Library
  • Display - Autism information brochures, booklets and flyers will be displayed on the Information Center purchased with the Year 2 contract funds


Expenditure Summary

Total funding for the programs=$1229.28  

Additional funding:

  • Display = $200
  • Material = $85
  • Publicity = $ 357.14
  • Hosting staff training workshop = $400 


Total funding available:

  • $1229.28 + $200 + $85 + $357.14 + $400 = $2271.42



  • Yoga for Kids from February to July = 11 sessions; For $35/session, total = $385
  • Creative Art = 3 sessions; For $35/sessions, total = $105
  • Creative Craft = 1 sessions; For $35/session, total =$35
  • Family Concert by Spook Handy = $325
  • Color printing (Library booklets) = $300
  • Information Center  = $372.6
  • Ellison dies: Paper Pal (XL)$56+ Puzzles(XL)$80+Weaving Heart(XL)$52+Box(XL)$35+shipping$13.38 = $236.38
  • Sport Stacking Games: stacking cups + timers + mats = $288.81
  • Summer Fun Festival = $225


Total expenditure : 

  • $385 + $105 + $35 + $325 + $300 + $372.6 + $236.38 + $288.81 + $225  = $2272.79


Total funding remain:

  • $2271.42 - $2272.79 = -$1.37



October 29th 2008 

Meeting with Representatives from Participating Libraries

At the meeting with Lynette and other representatives from participating libraries, Susanna volunteered to set up the autism resource Webpage by the end of December, 2008.


Follow up:

Autism Resources Webpage up on December 19th 2008:



December 16th 2008

South Brunswick Austism Project Team Meeting

In attendance: Susanna Chan, Judy Pietrobono, Jen Williams, Chris Jones and Sharon Hyde.


A portion of the Autism Project Team had an impromptu meeting to discuss our plans for programming and publicity for the Infolink autism contract in 2009.  The purpose of the meeting was to outline programming ideas, solicit information on local contacts, and to brainstorm in general.  The general consensus of the group is that our goal is to have our programs formalized by February so we can advertise in the March Compass and be ready to promote heavily in April for Autism Awareness Month. 


The group plans on reconvening in January after the group has had time to consult potential programmers and to think of additional ideas for how we would like to use our grant.  With limited funds available through Infolink, the group realizes it needs to solicit some individuals who would come for free, for a nominal rate, or at least a reduced price for the bigger performers.


Susanna outlined the programs that we have in the works right now for 2009

Therapy Dog:  Susanna met with the owner of Cooper, a nine year old golden retriever. She said the owner was very enthusiastic to work with the autistic community and the dog seemed like he would work nicely for the programs.  However, the dog is not yet insured and fully certified and this is a major concern for the library for liability reasons.  However, since the meeting, Susanna has learned that the owner is very willing to work to get the dog insured in time to fit into our schedule of programs.  More to come on that topic. 


Yoga Judy has touched base via phone messages/email with Kate Guelph, a South Brunswick resident regarding her availability to do some Yoga programs for children with special needs.  She has expressed a willingness to participate in our endeavor and is affordable. Judy has scheduled an appt. with Susanna and Kate for Tuesday, Dec. 23rd, to discuss details/possible dates.


Performer:  Musical performer Spooky Handy has agreed to come prefer at our library for a reduced rate. He has experience working with this population and Susanna has seen him perform at the NJLA’s Peformers’ Showcase.


Author Talk:  Randy had suggested to Susanna the possibility of having the author of the bestseller Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s, John Robison, come speak at the library.  The biggest issue is cost.  Susanna has spoken with his agent but she is still waiting for a response.


Additional Programming Ideas: 

Music Therapy/Art Therapy:  Judy will touch base with Vera Schwartz at Recreation.  Sharon informed us that Vera is the go to person at Recreation for many of the special needs programs.  An additional organization is VSA arts (Very Special Arts)—a nonprofit group where all people with disabilities can participate and enjoy the arts.

We believe that Vera is a contact with VSA as well so Judy will reach out to her for more info on that topic.


Educational Programs for Parents:  Topics discussed might be information on forming an IEP for your child/what to expect at IEP meetings.  Jen is going to investigate what types of programs ASPEN (Asperger Syndrome Education Network) can offer for parents as far as education/support.


Potential speaker: Dr. Jed Baker.  Dr. Baker is a behavioral consultant for several N.J. school systems.  He has 20 plus years dealing with children on the autism spectrum. Dr. Baker has recently published a book on social skills for children with Asperger’s.  Jen was assigned to check into that topic.


Staff Education:  Part of the contract needs to be used for staff education for the staff at all seven participating libraries.  The funds, however, only pays for four.  Susanna is advocating one to be held here because we have such a large staff and a good size meeting space.  Sharon and Chris Jones are considering the possibility of speaking to our staff one second Friday and share their experience on dealing with this special needs population. 


Sharon also provided the names of two Child Study team members at Crossroads South as potential contacts, acknowledging that it is more difficult for the school staff to get time out of the building. 

Carla Parillo, school social worker.  732-329-4633 ext. 3904


Scott Roth, school psychologist.  Same main number, ext. 3913



Promotions Need to continue discussing how to advertise effectively and we must discuss with Rosemary about any school connections she has from working in the district. 

Need to spread work with families that we know.  Call Vicki Gartland. 


Follow up:

  • Sally Itterly, agent of John Robison (author of Look Me in the Eye), asked for $7500 plus traveling expenses for John’s appearance. Susanna wrote a proposal to appeal to John for a fee reduction but failed.

  • Jen Williams contacted Dr. Jed baker who asked for $2000 for his workshop. A fee too high for our budget.

  • Cooper’s owner straightened out the insurance and liability issues. Cooper is officially “employed” and will do a weekly program starting January 20th 2009.

  • Judy Pietrobono successfully contacted Kate Guelph, a certified YogaKids instructor, and Kate agreed to do two yoga programs per month for the autistic community and their families starting in February 2009.

  • Robin, Sharon and Chris are spreading the word about our programs to their special ed students and their parents.

  • Rosemary has made connections with the school system so that the program flyers will go to the students’ Friday folders.

  • Viji designs all the program flyers and worked with Randy to add links on Autism Resources Webpage.

  • First staff training done on January 9th 2009 using the staff training video produced by Scotch Plains and Fanwood Library. Special ed teacher, Robin Anne Kimmey also shared her experience working with kids affected by autism spectrum disorder and answered questions raised by staff.

  • Jen contacted ASPEN but their speaker felt more comfortable to speak only to parents with kids affected by Asperger Syndrome.

  • Susanna made connection with Regional Early Invention Collaborative and they agreed to send a staff trainer for the second autism awareness training in South Brunswick on March 13th 2009.

  • On January 21st 2009, Susanna is going to meet a coordinator from National Alliance of Mental Illness in New Jersey to discuss the possibility of having a series of autism related educational workshops for parents. 

  • Robin and Susanna are working on arranging students affected by autism spectrum disorder to visit the Library. Viji is going to customize the “This is My Library” booklet and make multiple copies to send to the students so that they get to know the library before their visit.


January 16th 2009

Meeting with Representatives from Participating Libraries

Lynette distributed the funds for the contract.

Susanna reported South Brunswick's work progress (see above) and would post all the resources she used so that others do not have to reinvent the wheel. See Performer Information


January 26th 2009 

Team Spectrum Meeting 

Members present:

Susanna, Jenifer, Viji, Rosemary , Judy P., Sharon Hyde, Chris J., Chris C.,  Robin Anne.


Team Spectrum met for the second time to discuss the progress on the Autism Contract provided by Infolink.  Susanna had recently met with the Monroe Library, the lead library, and she was able to provide us with an update of available funding and progress since our last meeting. 



  • The first “Read to Cooper” program is very successful. We have kids affected with ASD came with their sibling and parent(s). We also have an article about the program on the front page of South Brunswick Post. Robin Anne and Rosemary did a great job!
  • We are going to have another 2 therapy dogs coming to work at the library. Lillie, a Boston terrier, starts her work on February 4th. She will be working on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:45pm of every month. Spike, a Wheaton terrier, is going to start his work in March, working on the 2nd Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:45pm of every month.
  • Susanna made arrangement with NAMINJ to have 2 educational workshops for parents with kids affected by ASD in May and July. (need to set the date)
  • The Regional Early Intervention System Collaborative is going to send us a staff trainer on autism awareness: Yolanda Toole, Manager of Family Support, Southern New Jersey Regional Early Intervention Collaborative. The date for this staff training workshop by a professional is on March 13th.

  • Judy has successfully contacted Vera and invited her to come to our meeting.


Topics Discussed: 

Team Name:  The group consensus was to adopt Randy’s suggestion for “Team Spectrum” as our official name.


Project Wiki : Susanna has posted all of our progress on the Wiki and encourages all team members to read what has been posted. 


Funding Available: A total of $1514 has been allocated to the South Brunswick Library for spending on this project.  The breakdown is as follows:


Performances for the autism community: $1,229.28

Autism month display in April 2009: $200

Materials for collection development: $85


Educational Workshops for Parents: Susanna explained that while this is a likely breakdown of the spending, if necessary we can reallocate the money from one area to another as needed.  Where at all possible, Susanna is working to negotiate for better prices and find programs sponsored by government agencies that will provide programs for free.


The goal for Team Spectrum is to have 2-4 programs for parents from May-July, likely on the weekends for working parents.  The group decided that offering babysitting would be too overwhelming of a task because some children may need one on one care and so by offering programs at nights or on the weekends, at least one parent should be able to attend.


The group discussed many potential ideas for programs for both parents and children.


Susanna had already spoken to NAMINJ to do 2 educational workshops but that number will likely be decreased to one since it appears as if the focus of that organization is more for teachers/physicians and individuals suffering from mental illness. 


The group did agree to send out a school psychologist to speak.  Possible topics for the psychologist decided by the group included a workshop for parents on Coping Skills for Parents with children affected by ASD.  Susanna will see if she can talk to the psychologist to see if he/she can accommodate us.


Other topics discussed for workshops, possibly by COSAC, included: improving social skills for children and an informational program on the many services offered to parents. Jen will contact COSAC to see if they can send someone to do this workshop.


The Early Intervention Collaborative is going to send a staff trainer to us for Autism Awareness.  Yolanda Toole, Manager of Family Support, Southern NJ Regional Early Intervention Collaborative, will be visiting the library on March 13th.


The team also suggested that it might be a good idea to have the Early Intervention Collaborative send us a staff member to do a program for the public.  The team wanted to see a workshop for parents of newly diagnosed children helping them navigate the system.  Basically a program that would answer the question, “What Do I Do Next?”


Autism Awareness for the Public:  April is Autism Awareness Month.  The library will be putting up book displays, creating booklists and bookmarks etc., in preparation for April displays.

The possibility of installing a portable display near the new books in Children’s was discussed as well as using wall space for additional programs.  Since April is a busy time event wise in the library, Chris C. reminded us to coordinate display areas with the rest of the staff.


Organizations supporting Autism Education will be contacted to encourage them to have displays at the library’s Summer Fun Festival.


Performers:  Spook Handy will be performing in June as a kickoff to the Summer Reading Program.


Other Programs Members from our team who work directly with children with ASD helped explain to the rest of Team Spectrum what programs would work best for this community.


Suggestions for other programs/ideas:  Storytimes that include the use of music, musical instruments, flannel boards, puppets would be popular to keep the children more interested.  Stories that are repetitive would be better choices, such as Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?.  Stories that include animals or familiar things and nothing abstract would be the best. 


Robin Kimmey offered a suggestion for children who are nonverbal might be able to participate in the Read to Cooper program. (Two additional therapy dogs will be joining the library—Spike and Lillie).  Robin is going to loan us some audiotapes so children can listen to the story with the dog and show the dog the book as they both follow along.  All Team Spectrum members were excited about this idea!


We will still touch base with Vera Schwartz for additional programs she can offer.  She was unable to attend this January meeting.


Cool Beans is an additional performer that might be coming to the library.  He does drawings along with a story.  Susanna will be following up on this idea.


Summer Reading Program for kids with ASD:  The program will operate the same for children with ASD.  All children will get credit for time spent reading or being read to or listening to audiobooks.


Around the Table:  Roe showed the nearly completed book “This is My Library: A Personal Tour in Print.”  The purpose of this book is to allow teachers to pre-teach about the library, its routine and structure before arranging a class visit to the library.   The book, created by Scotch Plains and Fanwood Library in Autism Project 1, modified by Roe and Viji, will be given to the special ed teachers at the school and we’ll have a copy at each Public Desk. Roe will work with Robin Anne on getting the material to the school.



Judy spoke with Vera Schwartz after the Jan. 26th meeting.  She was very supportive of the programs we have planned under this contract.  She referred Judy to Pat Dahl as a person who would be willing to do an art program at the library and Judy will call Pat to see what she can do for us.  Vera encouraged the library to use puppets during the storytimes and did think that Cool Beans might be a very good program.  She did not know this performer personally but liked the idea of the art along with the story.  However, she emphasized the key to success of this program would be the choice of the story—nothing abstract, repetition is good.


Vera also let Judy know that our program will tie in nicely with a traveling exhibition that will be visiting the library in March.  The March exhibition will be Photographs by Youth and Adults with Disabilities.  According to Vera, about 80 percent of these artists have ASD.  She suggested we might be able to have a reception or if not even just the exhibit will be a wonderful addition.  Vera will send Judy all the information she sends Barbara Battles who is organizing the exhibit at the library.




  • Parenting Workshops

    • Jen made arrangements with Autism New Jersey and scheduled a workshop presented by Amy Golden, M.S., BCBA, Parent Services Coordinator of Autism New Jersey on 6/6/09 from 11am to 12:30pm -- Tips to Improve Social Skills for your Child affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and Introduction to Services Available

    • Susanna made arrangement with the coordinator of NAMINJ to have a workshop on 7/25/09 from 2pm to 3:00pm , presenter’s info not available yet – Coping Skills for Parents with Children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Art Therapy

    • Judy P. successfully contacted Pat Dahl and scheduled 3 art therapy workshops on 6/18, 6/25 and 7/2. Pat will contact her teen volunteers to help in the program.

  • Mary Myszka received some brochures from different organizations working with autism communities for our display and publicity in April. She is working on getting more brochures for distribution.

  • Susanna finished an annotated booklist of children’s books relating to ASD.

  • Randy finished a non-fiction autism booklist.

  • Viji and Rosemary has finished “This is My Library” booklet.

  • Robin Anne is working on having the booklets bounded and arranging library visits for kids in special ed.

  • Susanna contacted Cool Beans but the remaining grant money is not enough to cover his fee (He asked for $350).

  • Total funding for programs = $1229.28

    • Yoga for Kids from February to August = 14 sessions; For $35/session, total = $490

    • Art Therapy = 3 sessions; For $35/sessions, total = $105

    • Family Concert by Spook Handy = $325

    • Total expenditure = $920

    • Total funding remain = $1229.28 - $920 = $309.28

  • The group supported  Susanna’s suggestion to use the remaining program funding to buy Ellison dies, big books and puppets for storytimes and craft programs during and after the contract period.

  • Susanna collaborated with Central Jersey Early Intervention Collaborative and scheduled a “The More We Get together” storytime for both typical children and children affected by ASD (ages 0 to 3) on 4/23/09 Thursday at 11 am. Amy Piano from Central Jersey Early Intervention Collaborative will be distributing brochures for services available from their organization and answering questions from parents. 

  • Robin Anne suggested we should send flyers and posters to pediatrian offices and township health department  to promote our special “The More We Get Together” storytime besides our regular means of publicity.


March 18th 2009 Wednesday

Meeting with Representatives from Participating Libraries 

Representatives from the seven participating libraries in the Infolink Autism Project met at Monroe Public Library to report their progress. Cheryl O’Connor, the executive director of Infolink was also at the meeting. Since the contract started in December 2008, South Brunswick has:

  • Launched an autism resources webpage
  • Set up a team to handle the autism project
  • Implemented 2 staff training workshops on autism awareness
  • Networked with various organizations that work with the autism community for collaborative projects, such as, the More We Get Together Storytime and the  Autism Awareness Poster Contest
  • Created "This is My Library" booklets (template from previous Autism Project) about the Library that were distributed to special ed classes in our school system
  • Scheduled a variety of programs and activities for the autism community and their families that included:
    • Ready to a Dog program
    • Yoga for Kids
    • The More We Get together Storytime
    • Autism Awareness Poster Contest
    • Parenting Workshops
    • Family Concert
    • Art therapy                     
    • Library visits (pending)
    • Made adjustments to Summer Reading Program to incorporate kids with special needs
    • Invited various organizations that work with the autism community to Summer Fun Festival to promote autism awareness
  • Complied autism related booklists 
  • Planned on setting up a permanent information center for display 

In order to promote our programs, Cheryl added an extra $2500 to the contract for publicity. Each participating library received a check of $ 357.14 for additional funding.


March 30th 2009 Monday

Team Spectrum Meeting

Members present:

S. Chan, J.Williams, V. Nayar, R. Gohd, J. Pietrobono, R. Marsola, S. Hyde, C. Jones, M. Myszka, V. Schwartz, R. Kimmey


The Team Spectrum Meeting met following Susanna Chan’s meeting at the Monroe Library on March 18th to discuss how to spend remaining money and finalize any remaining details for this project.


Program Summary

The therapy dog programs have been a success with the library now offering sessions by three different therapy dogs.  Cooper, one of the library’s therapy dogs, paid a visit to the South Brunswick Public Schools and was a hit with the children.  The Children’s Department has seen both repeat customers come as well as new readers.


Yoga sessions have also been well attended.  By July we will have offered 11 sessions to children with ASD and their siblings.  Yoga sessions will wrap up in July as Yoga for Kids instructor, Kate Gueph, will be on vacation for the month of August.


Additional programs planned for the children this spring/summer: 3 creative art sessions offered by Pat Dahl of the Recreation Dept., The More We Get Together Family Concert by Spook Handy, special integrated story times, craft programs, and the summer reading program.


3 parenting sessions will be held:

June 6th 11am-12:30pmPromoting Social Skills with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Presented by Amy Golden, Parent Services Coordinator of Autism New Jersey


July 25th 2pm-3pm - Coping Skills for Parenting with Children affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Presented by Minu Poulose, certified school psychologist of NAMINJ


August 8th 2pm-3:30pm - The Next Steps: After Your child has been Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Presented by Amy Perrine of Autism New Jersey


Library Visits:  Robin Anne Kimmey has met with the special education classrooms and presented copies of the booklet “This is My Library.”  Plans to have students visit the library after reviewing the booklet likely will not happen this year due to budget cuts but the children’s department will pursue this for next year.


Display:  April is Autism Awareness Month and in recognition of this a special display has been put up for this month at the front entrance of the library along with bookmarks for suggested reading.  Two separate bookmarks are available for juvenile fiction and nonfiction and a second list for adult fiction and nonfiction. 


The library has been successful in obtaining a large amount of literature on autism helpful to parents/caregivers/etc. that is now on display in our new free standing display rack near the Children’s Department.  This is an excellent resource for patrons looking for more information and support.


Summer Reading Program:  Members of the team discussed whether there needed to be any adjustments made to the way reading logs are handled during the program.  The group agreed that for the most part the program will work well for children with ASD since credit is given whether you read or are read to and because any type of book, magazine, audiobook is acceptable.  For each log turned in, a small prize will be given.  The log will be changed to reflect reading in 15 minute increments since some children may not be able to stay focused for longer than that time period. 


Fun Festival Participation:  A number of organizations have agreed to attend the Children Department’s Summer Fun Festival (July 11th, Reichler Park).  The organizations that will be represented for certain are:  Vera Schwartz, Recreation Dept.;

Mid Jersey Cares for Special Children/Early Intervention Collaborative; National Alliance on Mental Illness of New Jersey; Autism Speaks; Autism New Jersey; VSA Arts of  New Jersey.


Expenditure Report

Total funding for the programs=$1229.28  

Additional funding:

  • Display = $200
  • Material = $85
  • Publicity = $ 357.14
  • Hosting staff training workshop = $400 


Total funding available:

  • $1229.28 + $200 + $85 + $357.14 + $400 = $2271.42



  • Yoga for Kids from February to July = 11 sessions; For $35/session, total = $385
  • Creative Art = 3 sessions; For $35/sessions, total = $105
  • Family Concert by Spook Handy = $325
  • Color printing (Library booklets) = $300
  • Information Center  = $372.6
  • Ellison dies (pending- for craft programs during summer): $145 (puzzle XL) + $39 (Lacing Puppet XL) + $18 (Heart, Woven L)  = $202 (shipping cost not included) 


Total expenditure (estimate): 

  • $385 + $105 + $325 + $300 + $372.6 + $202 = $ 1689.6 


Total funding remain (estimate):

  • $2271.42 - $1689.6 = $ 581.82 (for Fun Festival, craft programs and pending music workshop)


The remaining funding will be used for an additional music workshop and to purchase materials for Fun Festival, and craft programs during summer.



Expenditure update:

            Since the Ellison dies previously selected is not longer available. Several others are chosen.


         Total funding available:

         $1229.28 + $200 + $85 + $357.14 + $400 = $2271.42



  • Yoga for Kids from February to July = 11 sessions; For $35/session, total = $385
  • Creative Art = 3 sessions; For $35/sessions, total = $105
  • Family Concert by Spook Handy = $325
  • Color printing (Library booklets) = $300
  • Information Center  = $372.6
  • Ellison dies: Paper Pal (XL)$56+ Puzzles(XL)$80+Weaving Heart(XL)$52+Box(XL)$35+shipping$13.38 = $236.38


Total expenditure (estimate): 

  • $385 + $105 + $325 + $300 + $372.6 + $236.38 = $ 1723.98


Total funding remain (estimate):

  • $2271.42 - $1723.98 = $ 547.44


Craft Programs and Games Programs:

Susanna discussed with other members of Team Spectrum and decided to use part of the remaining funds to purchase sport stacking games. The sport stacking games and Ellison dies would enable us to provide craft programs and game programs for our ASD community beyond the contract period. In addition, projects using Ellison dies and sport stacking games are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.


Sport Stacking game supplies can be purchased at:




The Creative Art program ran smoothly and  was very well received. Pat agreed to help us with further craft programs for children with special needs.


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